Personal Training prices:

One to One PT - £35 per hour.

Two to One PT - £52 per hour.

Three to One PT - £60 per hour.

Four to One PT - £70 per hour.

Small group personal training is a fun, more affordable way to access PT services. Family, friends, work colleagues, etc., can join together and help make it happen for each other.

The Why? of small group PT:

1. Camaraderie – Laugh, smile, grunt, support, cajole, push and uplift each other.

2. Adherence – It is no longer just about you. No one wants to make excuses when the others in the group are turning up.

3. Friendly competition – “Anne did ten last week…I’ll go for twelve…”.  “Paul is doing unassisted chin-ups, how do I get there?” You get the idea? “They can, I can.”

4. Motivation – Watch others progress and you will likely find it inspiring and motivating.

5. Personal attention – You don’t get lost in the group and will receive the level of care, follow up and support that one-to-one clients receive.

6. Advice and support – You are now in a small network of like-minded people.

7. Accountability – you become accountable to each other, not just the trainer.