Alzheimer's - reduce the chances?

“The Alzheimer’s Problem - Touted breakthroughs keep coming to nothing…or have we got the disease all wrong?” asks Andy Coghlan in the 28th January edition of the New Scientist magazine.

“There are no treatments that can slow or reverse this devastating condition”, “Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia”, “Worldwide the numbers affected are set to double every 20 years”.

123 drugs developed between 1998 and 2014 failed to clear clinical trial hurdles. Not for the want of trying: Just one company spent £3 billion over three decades trying to develop a drug that would work. And the US National Institute for Health has spent $500 million per year….

The Beta-Amyloid plaque theory, as the cause of Alzheimer’s, comes under scrutiny and other potential causes are discussed. We might have the whole thing wrong.

The last chapter is:

“While we wait for the verdict, we can take solace in the finding that we can do things to prevent dementia. There is growing evidence that certain behaviour reduces the chances of developing it, especially frequent exercise, sensible eating and avoidance of smoking and excessive alcohol. What’s good for your heart, it turns out, is good for your brain.”

So, there you have it. While the search goes on and billions are spent, you can take action immediately to reduce you chances of developing Alzheimer's/dementia. “Frequent exercise, sensible eating and avoidance of smoking and excessive alcohol.” 

So, do your family a big favour:

Get on your walking boots,

Stop eating shite food,

Squeeze into your jogging bottoms,

Put on your football boots,

Find your netball trainers,

Dust off your running shoes,

Get your bike out of the shed,

Walk briskly around the park,

Walk or cycle to work,

Get out your tennis racket,

Ping that shuttle-cock,

Drinking all of the time is not cool,

Get swimming again,

Drop the smoking,

Go out in the hills,

Run up and down the stairs,

So, move you butt and cut the crap.